history 1969 to 1972, part I:

after the earthquake - planning for reconstruction after devastation

1970 Raising a main truss and columns during the construction of a school.

Bob was working in a PC teaching program in a poor neighborhood of Lima when the Great Peruvian Earthquake struck in May of 1970.  PC sent him to work in their disaster relief program, on the coast of Perú near Casma four hundred miles north of Lima.  His assignment involved re-organizing existing school projects in a US AID / PC, School Partnership Program.  He combined those projects with the disaster relief effort to accelerate the response to the disaster.  These were scattered rural sites, in the devastated region in proximity to the epicenter of the earthquake.  As work progressed several communities in the area approached him seeking reconstruction assistance for the schools in their villages.

School devastation after the 1970 Great Peruvian Earthquake:

John arrived in Perú several weeks after the earthquake, to work in the disaster relief program, a short term PCV architect on his second PC tour.  Part way through his tour he began working with Bob in designing and developing the school projects.  As these projects were located in villages that had suffered serious damage, all planning requirements were exacerbated by the devastation of the earthquake and had to be factored into the design and construction of the schools, i.e., accessibility, labor, transport, availability and selection of materials, etc.

To the right: road clearing to gain access to Huanchuy after the earthquake.

To the left and below: Huanchuy school class room and two storey structure after the earthquake.

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