partnership II  2011 to 2013:

the start of PCD working with Estrategia - planning and managing the first steps

With their years of training and experience as US PCV’s, Bob’s life of teaching in Illinois and with his family, and John’s as a practicing architect in NY including for projects for the severely mentally retarded over many years, the mutual compatibility and shared interest and purpose of all parties concerned, make working with Estrategia on the projects listed below seem like a natural course of action.  Mutual interests and partnering on potentially larger scale projects as well as assistance with fund raising in the US were discussed in detail with the directors of Estrategia in their office and during several site visits.

We expect that our experience in architecture and health planning and public health, grant writing and fund-raising as well as our in country PC service in the areas of disaster relief, community development, project design, development, management and fund-raising will contribute to our mutual benefit.  

We believe that with the synergistic relationship that exists between Estrategia and PCD we can accomplish results well beyond our individual organizational capabilities.  By actively joining together our background, experiences and capabilities we believe the whole will be greater than the sum of its parts.  

Flor de Amanacaes

The construction shown below is intended to give an idea of the distinct and difficult nature of erecting homes and community facilities in this steeply sloped and seismically active area.  Foundations and structural components must meet exacting standards required by the force of gravity in an actively seismic region.  The loosely laid stone walls and supports for certain of these buildings endanger the inhabitants and the buildings as well as the people and structures both adjacent to and below them.


Above: the building shown has solid, reinforced concrete supports and foundation, and adjacent loosely laid stone retaining walls below.

To the right: Marilu and Bob having a drink of water.



Barrios Altos

At Barrios Altos, shown in the photos below, the construction is similar to Flor de Amanacaes, although some areas are much more highly developed.



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