partnership I  2011 to 2013:

the start of PCD working with Estrategia - planning and managing the first steps

John met and connected with Franziska Amacher in an international seminar at the Build Boston conference in the fall of 2010.   She is a practicing architect in Boston and a board member of Arc-Peace.  At her suggestion, during their May-June 2011 visit to Lima, Bob and John contacted and met with Luz Maria Sanchez, Marilu, a Peruvian architect, Executive Director of Estrategia, and a board member of Arc-Peace.  They share many interests and goals with both Franziska and Marilu.  Recommended by Marilu, John has since joined Arc-Peace an international Swedish based philanthropic organization dedicated to a better and a peaceful world.

Estrategia is an award winning Peruvian based NGO, located in the Rimac district of Lima whose work and interests has many parallels in general with that of PCD.  Both PCD and Estrategia share a vision of dedication to the support of productive and sustainable economic development programs with gender equity in indigenous Peruvian communities.

Flor de Amanacaes

To the right: a view from the school, showing solid reinforced concrete retaining walls, below.

Below: a group photo of students, teachers, Marilu, Bob and John in front of the school.


PCD and Estrategia are in the planning stages of a mutual working relationship.  They have had several meetings with Marilu, her brother Enrique, a university professor, as well as members of Estrategia and the communities they serve, and the professionals working at several project sites.  They have visited several of her projects around Lima, both ongoing and completed.  John is organizing, researching, preparing documentation and developing approaches for actively fund raising in the US for working with Estrategia in Peru.


Photos above and to the right, taken at Flor de Amanacaes, in the Rimac district of Lima give some idea of the extent and scale of the low income areas being built up in the hills around Lima.  It is impossible to imagine the complexity, difficulty, enormity and expense of the effort the people of this community are going through in order to create the best housing possible for their families.


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