progress IV  2011:

the start of PCD - planning and managing the first steps

Huambacho el Arenal

In their May visit to Huambacho el Arenal they met with the School Director and made plans for further donations for their planned return in November.  To their surprise, what remained of the 1970 school had been demolished, the concrete slab was repaired for outdoor recreation and the roofing and structural steel recycled and reconstructed for use as outdoor assembly and many more steel bookcases for all the classrooms.  During the fall 2011 visit they provided a computer printer and copier for the school.

Bob and the children of the Huambacho el Arenal School on the repaired concrete slab for recreation and assembly.

Below - the new school opening on to the the repaired concrete slab from the 1970 school & the school director in a meeting, with the bookcases in the room, recycled from the angle irons of the 1970 school structure.






On their fall 2011 visit to Huanchuy Bob brought a laptop that they donated to the new school director for use in the school.  At a meeting with the school director and the a member of the community, where planning and fund raising assistance was requested to renovate the 1970 primary school for use as a vocational training school.  In addition several potential projects were discussed which they included on PCD’s active list for consideration and funding.

During the fall 2011 visit in support of a teacher at the Huanchuy school who directs the soccer team of Casma, they provided a laptop for the team.




Santa Matilde

At Santa Matilde the water supply system needs repairs.  John met twice with the school director, but was unable to set up any meetings with the madres de familia, work out a budget or estimate for the work.  That work will be given a priority on their next visit.

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