mission statement from PCD by-laws:
As stated in the by laws of PCD, the mission for which the Corporation has been formed is as follows:

    To plan promote and actively participate in the advancement and support of development within selected towns and villages in Peru and throughout the world with the goal of improving the quality of life of its residents, which are the Corporation’s only true constituency, based upon the resident’s expressed needs and conditions.

    To achieve improved conditions for the current and future residents of the selected towns and villages in Peru and throughout the world by the following activities:

    1.    Rehabilitation and development, including but not limited to, the construction of new or the improvement of existing educational, health care and housing facilities and services for the local community.  Projects will be planned and agreed upon by the Corporation together with the local community  representatives. The forms of development for long and short term development and maintenance will only be limited by the practical situation at the site, the needs of the community and the Corporation's ability to raise funds. Initial support for the work will come from the Corporation's directors for a variety of small projects.

    2.    The Corporation will accomplish these purposes by soliciting public support in order to act and/or serve as a catalyst in increasing public awareness of the plight of the selected communities and to assist in bringing together the various potential participants who could serve in the furtherance of the selected communities’ identified needs as well as to seek and/or gather support in such a way that the preliminary projects could advance other larger projects that could aid the selected communities in the future.

    3.    It is our expectation that the residents in the selected communities in Peru and  throughout the world will benefit from mutual participation in the development the Corporation intends to accomplish.
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