progress III  2011:

the start of PCD - planning and managing the first steps

While in Casma in June, they made a visit to Chimbote, forty miles north, to visit the church where Bob and Sue married in 1972 and to seek out the district where John had worked in 1962.  There they met and had lunch with Father Jack, Fr. John E. Davis, the Pastor of los Amigos of the Catholic Church of Chimbote and learned about the work his church is doing in Chimbote.  They plan to seek funding to assist Father Jack with additions to the furnishings at the Los Amigos de Chimbote Hospice.
During lunch Father Jack mentioned his fund raising work for his projects with the Rotary Clubs in the USA, which seemed like a good idea.  After their return to Casma they met with Milagros and asked if she was familiar with the Rotary Club in Casma and its members.  She was, and then set up a dinner meeting for them with the officers of the Rotary Club.  They had a pleasant dinner, a productive meeting, and connected with the officers of the club and made new friends.  A good days work.  

They have since contacted Rotary Clubs in the USA and plan to make presentations with the intention of fund raising.

Sechin Alto - Carboneriá

Since the dinner meeting in June with the Rotary Club of Casma they became friends with two of the officers of the club, Medallit Salinas Valverde the secretary of the club and Silvia Chang Velasquez the pro-secretary.  These ladies guide and provide them with insight into Casma.

They met again in December and at Medallit’s suggestion they decided to explore doing some work where she grew up and attended school, in Sechin Alto - Carboneriá.  They visited the school in Carboneriá, met with the director, teachers and students and decided on a donation of a set of metal book cases in each of the three classrooms.  

They met with Medallit and the director, calculated the parts necessary for the book cases, compiled a budget and signed the paperwork.  The next morning they priced the materials with suppliers, purchased the materials and arranged for transportation with their personal funds. They saw to the delivery of the materials and then helped assemble the book cases, all in less than a days work.

They included in their proposed projects a plan to apply for outside funding for a new project to furnish additional book cases and furniture for all the classrooms at the Carboneriá school.  On their next visit they plan to donate additional book cases for the classrooms.  When they saw children of the school, using and playing with their laptop computers, equipped with cameras, aroused their interest.  John envisioned a potential opportunity for a future project of connecting the children in the Carboneriá school to the internet for the cost of supplying and operating a server, a router and a connection to the web.


Teachers and students in the Carboneriá school busy working with laptops.

Below - there are no book cases in the school.



To the left - the classroom with a visible lack of book cases and storage.  Above -  our delivery and assembly crew to help assemble the book cases and solve the problem.

Book cases being assembled for the classes.


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