progress II  2011:

the start of PCD - planning and managing the first steps

After they arrived in Casma, John reviewed the results of their site search in Lima with Milagros.  She was familiar with the director of the Santa Matilde school, and the locations of the both the Santa Matilde and Mojique schools, as both are on the same road.  Arrangements were made to visit both schools; Santa Matilde first with Milagros and later on their own to Mojique.

When John and Bob saw Santa Matilde and Mojique, they were astounded by the pristine appearance of both schools after forty years of service.  In light of the economic circumstances of the people and their villages in which these schools are located, and the continuous regular maintenance that was performed over all of these years, the results are, to say the least, inspiring our support of their continued efforts.

Both schools do have some visible deterioration in the roofing and the supporting steel structure, due to exposure of over forty years to the sun and salt air.  These conditions in both schools have been partially restored by repair and/or replacement.  In both schools, after the deteriorated roofing panels and angle irons were replaced, those materials were recycled to create shaded areas for outside recreation, teaching and assembly.



On their visit to Mojique in May, John greeted the director and identified himself as the architect for the Mojique school forty years ago.  He began an amiable and productive conversation that included the director, some teachers and madres de familia.  They discussed several essential projects and their estimated costs.  A water supply system installation, roofing and structural steel repair, and a kitchen and dining structure, all started but not completed projects.

John and Bob decided to support the completion of the water supply system.  This project would eliminate the need of carrying water several hundred yards from the supply outlet to the school, and they scheduled doing the project on their return trip in the fall.

December of 2011

Above: a view of the school at Mojique from the water source for the water supply project, in contrast to the oasis at the water source viewed below.

At the right: a welcome from two of their customers in the class room at the Mojique School.

Below - discussing the water supply project at the water source, an oasis in a desert.


They returned to Mojique the second week in December 2011, and met with the school director and the madres de familia.  At that meeting they all committed complete the water pumping system project.  They would donate the balance of materials using their personal funds, and the villagers would provide the labor.  All parties to the meeting worked together to develop a written budget, based upon prices from local suppliers.  At a final meeting all agreed to the budget for the completion of the water system, the minutes were written then signed by all parties present.  

Above - the agenda for the meeting on the blackboard.

At the right - the group in attendance for the final meeting for the completion of the water system - John and Bob with the Mojique School Director and the Madres de Familia


The water pumping system project originates at the newly created concrete water storage holding tank adjacent to and supplied by the source, a large pipe supplying water from a system supplying the village and the nearby farms.  Then water lines connect the concrete holding tank to another plastic storage tank several hundred yards away on an elevated flat classroom roof.  Next the installation of two pumps and electric lines to deliver the water, through the water lines from the holding tank, over to and up the roof tank.  The water then moves through another set of water lines to deliver the water to the sinks in the school by gravity.

The materials required included bags of cement, concrete blocks, and steel reinforcement bars for the concrete water storage reservoir, to be constructed at the water source, grey plastic piping for water lines and the wooden poles to support electrical lines.



Purchasing the materials for the construction of the water system in Casma, with two of the madres de familia and the school director.

John and Bob met with school director and two members of the madres de familia in Casma to double check on the pricing and finally to purchase the materials for the water system and arrange for the delivery of the materials to Mojique.  This documentation the budget, the receipts from the purchase of materials and the signed minutes of the meeting are now standard procedure on all PCD projects.

The work was scheduled to be performed and completed subsequent to their departure from Peru and will be verified at the site on their next visit to Mojique this year.  A meeting will be scheduled with the director and the madres de familia to review the project and to discuss new work.  Please refer to progress V proposed projects on the drop down menu above.


Photos to the left and below show the delivery truck being loaded with materials
for the trip to Mojique.  There are bags of cement, concrete blocks, steel reinforcing bars, grey plastic water pipe for water lines and wooden poles to support electrical lines.

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