partnership III  2011 to 2013:

The start of PCD working together with Estrategia - planning and managing the first steps.

Visit scheduled for 2013 to the Rimac district of Lima area - preparatory work for projects being prepared for funding applications to foundations in partnership with, and under the aegis of Estrategia, for work in Perú to be completed as joint ventures. 
Photos with Estrategia






Proposed projects:

Housing as Health Care Units: A housing improvement program to support families with members who suffer from tuberculosis.  Estrategia is working various clinics and centers with several health care providers in support of families with members who have TB and require a variety of health related services.

Disaster Prevention Projects at Flor de Amanacaes: Pilot project: the construction of new reinforced concrete retaining walls at selected sites to replace seismically unsound stone walls laid without mortar, concrete or steel reinforcement, the loosely laid foundations for inappropriately constructed housing in the steeply sloped and poorest areas to support the families preliminary to replacing their housing units. This is an important requirement from the state because in order to receive the bonus of replacement housing from the state housing program and thereby ameliorate potential future disasters.

Tree Planting for Anti-seismic Protection: to prevent disasters during earthquake, seismic or any other type of hazardous event in areas critical to existing housing developments.  As these slopes have high risk for seismic events, the planting of trees and shrubbery on the steeply sloped areas of upper elevations of the hills above the existing housing are intended to diminish the risk of a disaster.

Creation of a Shop: for the making of concrete blocks and acquisition of an area for the storage of those concrete blocks.

The Construction of Education Areas:
to support the people and their communities with training in areas they require in advocating for their needs to obtain state benefits.

The Development of Health Locals: for support of families located in areas lacking health service, remote from existing health centers.

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