progress V  2011:

the start of PCD - planning and managing the first steps

proposed project


A kitchen and dining area project had previously been constructed at Mojique, and completed on an ad hoc basis as if they ran short on funds.  John believes the siting of the structure is reasonable, close behind the school with room for a yard or corral on its side.

While the structure looks dilapidated and rundown, upon inspection he noted that about half of the structure seems well constructed, of cement or concrete.  His plan is to remove all the deteriorated materials, repair the sound construction, renovate and complete the structure creating a new kitchen equipped with windows, doors, lighting, plumbing, food preparation and storage equipment and a concrete floor.

The construction is a mixture of mud, cement and cane, with both concrete and adobe columns, a dirt floor, a cane translucent roof and mud and cane walls,



At right - the dining area shaded by a translucent cane ceiling.

Below: a greeting and a smile in the kitchen from the cook who is being assisted by her daughter. 

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